M is for May! And Mom!

Hey everybody! While I am a major fan of fall, spring runs a close second: there's just something about the potential inherent in all of those blooming flowers and budding gardens. I love getting out into my tiny garden and get my hands dirty, planting tomatoes and herbs and whatever else strikes my fancy. But until my harvest (look for that in July!) I will have to settle for what's available at the greenmarket. (Which isn't really that much of a hardship.) My favorite thing this time of year is the brief appearance of ramps, those wild baby leeks that look similar to scallions. They are only available for about 4 weeks out of the year, so make sure you snap them up! Also keep an eye out for fiddlehead ferns, baby squashes, and morels (the mushrooms that lok like tiny brains).

This month, in honor of Mother's Day, I am doing it a little differently. Instead of posting separate seasonal recipes, this month I am sharing a menu that I would serve to my mom on Sunday (if we were in the same place). So here's to you mom, thanks for everything! (Shut up, I am not crying.)

Mother's Day Lunch

(p.s. sorry for the wacky formatting in the recipes... something is up with the machine...)

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