Hi all,

Can you believe it's June already? I know I can't. But here it is, and with it comes the yummy goodness of summer fruits and vegetables. Here's a few ideas for enjoying them!

Melon Salsa on Prosciutto Chips I love to use melon in savory dishes! This twist on the classic Italian antipasto of melon and prosciutto is perfect for a summer dinner party, or just a summer dinner.

French Potato Salad This is a potluck staple for me. It's great to make ahead and and assemble at the last minute. And because it doesn't have any mayonnaise, it's safe to stand at room temperature and is a little more healthy than a traditional potato salad.

Triple-Chocolate Cookies Okay, okay, I know these don't have any fruits or vegetables in them. But they are perfect for ice cream sandwiches!

June's dinner party is sold out, and I don't plan to do one in July (though that could change...) but August and September are both in the works already... stay tuned!

See you soon!

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