happy birthday to me! (well, in 3 weeks...)

Hi all!

Happy Canada Day! (and early Happy Independence Day!)

July is my favorite month, because, well, it is the month of my birth. So this month I will be taking time off to go upstate and get some real nature.

I will also be cooking a lot too, don't get me wrong. July in New York is when the greenmarkets just explode! I can smell the strawberries and peaches literally from a block away. And this is the only time of year I can eat tomatoes, so I try to get my fill over the rest of the summer.

Salmon with Chermoula I made this the other night when I was craving something light and Moroccan-inspired. I served it with French green lentils and Roasted Fennel and Grape Tomatoes. It was so good I wanted you guy to get a chance to have it!

Panzanella This Classic Italian salad is the easiest thing in the world and takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. If you have a grill, grilling the bread adds a dimension of flavor that is unbelievable. But toasting the bread makes for a dang tasty salad.

Peach-Thyme Ice Cream This is based on recipe from one of my all-time favorite cookbooks The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. If you are looking for and ice cream recipe book, get this one. Along with amazing ice cream recipes, it's got wonderful recipes for loads of accoutrements.

Enjoy July! I will see you in August, one year older (for sure) and wiser (not crossing my fingers).


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